Busy Night at North Bay Council Meeting This Evening

Busy Night at North Bay Council Meeting This Evening

The regular scheduled meeting of North Bay City Council goes tonight and is highlighted by 3 public presentations. The topics of the presentations are the performance of City Council for the past year from a taxpayer's standpoint, the West Ferris Community Centre and Clean Green Beautiful.

The beginning of the meeting starts with a motion to suspend the rules.

There are 3 items on council business ranging from PFAS remediation to the Downtown Improvement Area.

There are 2 motions from individual councilors asking Council to send resolutions to MPP Vic Fedeli and MP Anthony Rota.

The first motion is a request to the Province of Ontario and MPP Vic Fedeli to do a Comprehensive Social and Economic Prosperity Review that focusses on the current provincial-municipal fiscal arrangements are undermining Ontario’s economic prosperity and quality of life and nearly a third of municipal spending in Ontario is for services in areas of provincial responsibility and expenditures are outpacing provincial contributions by nearly $4 billion a year.

The second motion is a request to MP Anthony Rota and the Federal government indicating Council's support of the stabilization of the Federal Government’s Reaching Home funding to the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board as a Community Entity. As well, that the funding be maintained, at minimum, at current levels for future fiscal years.

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