North Bay Going Green

North Bay Going Green
The latest in reducing our carbon footprint

North Bay is going green with the debut of its very first electric ice resurfacer at Memorial Gardens

The Zamboni Model 552AC, equipped with lithium-ion batteries for quick charging, is replacing an aging propane-powered machine, delivering zero emissions, potential cost savings, and improved air quality for a safer, healthier environment.

The purchase of the new $160,000 ice-resurfacer was approved in 2022, but delivery had been delayed due to supply issues.

“We are strategically introducing electric vehicles into our fleet with a clear goal in mind to make North Bay more sustainable and efficient. This is a proactive step towards reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing the overall efficiency of our operations,” said Fleet Manager John Ouellette.

City staff members are currently undergoing training, with the new machine expected to be in operation next week.

The addition of this new piece of equipment underscores North Bay's commitment to exploring innovative, sustainable solutions to enhance the quality of services for residents and visitors.

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