North Bay Police Seize Replica Handgun

North Bay Police Seize Replica Handgun

Charges Laid

 Officers from the North Bay Police Service responded to a call involving a male with a loaded handgun in his waistband on February 9th, 2024.  A 45-year-old North Bay Man has been arrested and charged.

North Bay Police Service officers were notified on the 9th of February, around 12:05 am that a male had attended a William Street address and began making general threats against the public.  The male then loaded what appeared to be a real handgun, put it in his waistband, and left the premises on foot.

Officers responded immediately, and a short time later the male was located and taken into custody without incident.  The male was subsequently searched, and a replica handgun was located on his person.   The accused was transported to North Bay Police Service headquarters, where he was charged and released on an undertaking with a future court date.

 Jodie Robert Bailey, Male, 45 years of North Bay, is charged with qne count of Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose

 Police are reminding the public that carrying or using a replica firearm can result in charges, as the weapon can be perceived as real to the public and police.

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