North Bay Residents encouraged to Grow Tree Canopy

North Bay Residents encouraged to Grow Tree Canopy

Residential property owners can help grow the City’s tree canopy this spring through a program called Grow Our Canopy, aimed at helping residents purchase trees for their yards. 

For a third consecutive year, Trees for Nipissing has teamed up with the City of North Bay to make 100 trees available at a low cost of $20 each to qualified residential property owners who successfully complete an online application form and prepay to reserve a tree.  

“Trees for Nipissing is so excited to be providing this program for North Bay homeowners. It is a good start to increasing the tree canopy for future generations this year and many more to come,” said Trees for Nipissing Chair Peggy Walsh Craig. “Thanks to North Bay City Council and City Staff, who are helping make North Bay a greener and healthier place to live and work.”

A variety of trees will be available, including taller species such as red oak and black cherry and the smaller tree Saskatoonberry. Trees will be in pots and range from three to five feet tall, small enough to fit in most mid-size cars. The trees will be less developed than those typically seen in garden centres. Property owners can apply starting April 7 by completing this online form and completing payment by etransfer to or at our online store. One tree is available per property. Pick up will be at Lee Park, 800 Memorial Drive, under the Gateway to the North arch in early May.

For more information about Trees for Nipissing, visit: and on Facebook.

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