North Bay Seeks Artists for Overpass Banners

North Bay Seeks Artists for Overpass Banners

North Bay's Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) and the City of North Bay are seeking artists and designers to help add some color and creativity to the Lakeshore Drive overpass.

The North Bay Public Art, Overpass Banner Art Project aims to engage local artists to create artwork for (approximately 36’’x92’’) banners that will be mounted onto the light posts along the overpass leading into the West Ferris and downtown areas.

"These banners will be on display for all those traveling across the overpass and will be a great addition to the growing inventory of public art within the City, showcasing the amazing talent we have in our community," said Bryan Kimber, Community Development Coordinator.

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The project is part of the efforts of the PAAC and the City to increase public art within the city, recognize local artists, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

The City of North Bay is seeking submissions that reflect the diversity of the community and is encouraging applicants from all local artists and designers.  Successful applicants will receive a $700 honorarium. Submissions will be accepted at until May 6, 2024. View full submission details at:

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