Northern Detail & Polish- 5 Tips to Keep your Ride Looking Great

Northern Detail & Polish- 5 Tips to Keep your Ride Looking Great

5 tips to protect your vehicle this spring

With the warmer temperatures arriving, our attention diverts to work around the house, dusting off the BBQ, raking the yard and noticing the investment we have sitting in the driveway needs care too.

Report North Bay reached out to Alex Arnott one of the owners of Northern Detail & Polish, experts in vehicle detailing for tips for caring for your vehicle after the harsh winter months. Much like a beautiful kept yard, most individuals take pride in a well-maintained vehicle but also keeping its appearance like new.

Here are 5 tips from Alex to help keep your ride shiny and a sense of pride.

1. Interior detailing: The best and easiest place to start to get your vehicle restored from winter abuse is by thoroughly cleaning the interior of your vehicle, including vacuuming carpets and upholstery, wiping down surfaces, and shampooing and extracting all the mud, salt and other filth from your carpets and upholstery. This removes winter grime and salt residue, along with harsh bacteria preserving the interior surfaces, and your health.

 2. Exterior wash and wax: Give your vehicle a comprehensive exterior wash to remove road salt, dirt, and debris that can accumulate during winter. Follow up with a wax application to protect the paint from UV, and other road contaminants, which are more prevalent in spring.

3. Undercarriage cleaning: Pay special attention to cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle, as it can accumulate salt and road debris that can lead to corrosion. Use a high-pressure hose to thoroughly remove these contaminants.

4. Protective ceramic coatings: Consider applying ceramic coatings to both the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Interior coatings can help repel spills and stains, while exterior coatings can provide additional protection against environmental elements and make cleaning easier.

5. Window and windshield care: Clean the windows and windshield inside and out, ensuring clear visibility while driving. Have a hydrophobic coating applied to the exterior surfaces to improve water beading and visibility during spring showers. Additionally, inspect windshield wipers for wear and replace them if necessary for optimal performance.

You can reach Northern Detail and Polish here

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