Officers Recognized at M.A.D.D. Ceremony

Officers Recognized at M.A.D.D. Ceremony

Two North Bay Police officers, along with three OPP officers were recognized Monday at the North Bay OPP detachment, for their commitment to taking impaired drivers off local roads.

 Constable Chris Dahlke and Constable Kaleb Mueller received the MADD Nipissing chapter “MADD Officer of the Year Award”, presented to the North Bay Police Service officers who laid the most impaired driving charges within the city of North Bay. Dahlke and Mueller processed a combined total of 22 Impaired Driving charges and were praised for their efforts in front of a small crowd of family members, fellow officers and members of the MADD Nipissing Committee. 

 Impaired driving is still one of the leading causes of death on Ontario roads. In 2023, 49 people died in Ontario as a result of alcohol or drug impaired driving.  “Driving impaired, by drugs or alcohol, continues to be a problem on our roadways and highways putting the lives of people at risk” says NBPS Inspector of Operations, Jeff Warner. “This award recognizes the efforts our members make on a daily basis to improve road safety in our community and to hold people accountable if they choose to drive impaired” 

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