Ontario Expanding Access to Vital Government Services in the North

Ontario Expanding Access to Vital Government Services in the North

The Ontario government is making it easier and more convenient to access in-person government services, such as driver's licences and health cards, with the launch of a mobile service centre in six northern Ontario communities.

The mobile centre will deliver in-person access to services to the communities of MacTier, Burk’s Falls, Apsley, Denbigh, Whitney, and Moose Deer Point First Nation. Service is now available in MacTier and Burk’s Falls with the expansion into the remaining four communities taking place by April.

“Our government is delivering on its commitment to closing service gaps and enhancing the customer experience for northern Ontarians,” said Todd McCarthy, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery. “The mobile service centre is just one example of how, under the leadership of Premier Ford, we are constantly introducing innovative service delivery models and utilizing new technologies to better adapt to the unique needs of communities throughout Ontario.”

The mobile service centre is accessible and offers service in both English and French. Community members can locate the regular days and hours of operation at Ontario.ca/Locations and book a convenient appointment at Ontario.ca/Appointment.

Recognizing there is no one size fits all when it comes to service excellence, the mobile service centre builds upon ServiceOntario’s alternative service delivery initiatives to meet the unique needs of local communities, including:

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