Ontario Offering Free Fishing on Father’s Day Weekend

Ontario Offering Free Fishing on Father’s Day Weekend

Fish for free across the province June 15-16 honour of Father’s Day on Sunday, the province is offering free fishing this weekend.

“Father’s Day weekend is a great time to get out on one of Ontario’s beautiful lakes or rivers and enjoy fishing,” said Graydon Smith, Minister of Natural Resources. “Fishing is a fun activity for everyone in the family and it’s a great way to spend time together, so I encourage you to cast a line June 15 and 16 to celebrate Father’s Day.”

Right now, you can fish for many species, including yellow perch, common carp, northern pike, lake trout and walleye in most of Ontario. Some waterbodies have exceptions; be sure to check the Fishing Regulations Summary before heading out so you are aware of all limits on how many fish you can keep.

If you are fishing for free during this period, you need to carry identification issued by the provincial or federal government, showing your name and date of birth.

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