Over $10.5 Million to Support NBRHC

Over $10.5 Million to Support NBRHC

 Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing announced that the Ontario government is investing over $10.5 million to the North Bay Regional Health Centre for the 2024-25 year to deliver faster, more connected care to people in Nipissing.

 “Today’s increased provincial investment to the North Bay Regional Health Centre will help ensure people can connect to the care they need, close to home,” said MPP Vic Fedeli.” Our government is committed to ensuring that everyone in our region has confidence in and access to the best healthcare available.”

 “We are grateful on behalf of our health care team and the patients of the many communities we serve, that we are receiving the full amount of the announced base increase for hospitals. This will improve our overall financial position. We will continue to work with the Province of Ontario to ensure our financial position is stable and sufficient going forward.” – Paul Heinrich, President and CEO, North Bay Regional Health Centre.

 Funding breakdown includes the following:

·       $9,173,600 in annualized base funding representing a 4.1% budget increase

·       $1,294,300 in One-Time Funding allocations

·       $210,000 in Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Funding (HIRF)

 Through the base funding investment, the Ontario government is delivering an increase of two to four per cent to hospital operating budgets. The funding will help hospitals keep emergency departments open, support inflationary or other wage pressures and reduce wait times for diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures, including MRI, CT, cardiac, stroke, neuro-services, orthopedics, and cataracts so that people can connect to care faster.

 The One-Time funding allocation will support the hospital to improve emergency department length-of-stay targets while the HIRF funding will help health system partners like the North Bay Regional Health Centre to address urgent infrastructure needs. For example, upgrading or replacing roofs, windows, security and fire alarm systems and emergency generators to ensure people can continue to connect to care in safe, modern facilities.

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