Over $2.6 Million to Support Nursing and Paramedic Students

Over $2.6 Million to Support Nursing and Paramedic Students

 Provincial funding through Ontario’s Learn and Stay Grant providing financial relief

 The Ontario government has invested over $2.6M through the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant (OLSG) to support nursing and paramedic students. In Nipissing qualified students have received a full, upfront funding for tuition, books, and other direct educational costs in return for working in the area where they studied for a term of service after they graduate.

 “Investing in our nursing & paramedic students will benefit the future of our health care system,” said Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing. “Once these students have graduated, we will see the increased staffing impact our local hospitals, health care facilities, and long-term care homes.”

 Here is the breakdown of total funding spent as of May 9, 2024 for North Bay is as follows:

  • $261,131 for Nipissing University’s Bachelor or Bachelor of Science Nursing program with 30 recipients

·       $725,369 for Canadore College’s Bachelor or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Practical Nursing programs with 100 recipients

·       $1,616,721 for CTS Canadian Career College Inc.’s Paramedic program with 100 recipients

 The OLSG provides funding for students studying in priority postsecondary programs in underserved and growing communities in Northern, Southwestern and Eastern Ontario. This program requires you to work in the region where you studied. The grant will help underserved and growing communities get the workers they need for in-demand professions. The OLSG covers the cost of tuition, compulsory fees, books and other direct educational costs (for example, supplies and equipment).

Find out which programs, postsecondary institutions and regions are eligible for students starting in the 2024–2025 academic year. 

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