Paro Centre's International Womens Day - Inspiring a Healthy You

Paro Centre's International Womens Day - Inspiring a Healthy You

Registration is open for Paro Centre's International Womens Day - Inspiring a Healthy you. The event is being held on International Women's Day March 8th at the Best Western. The event will be both in-person (At the Best Western on Lakeshore) and virtual. There will be several informative, engaging and inspiring presentations and there will be prizes to be won after each session, with one grand door prize at the end of the day.

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SPEAKERS & SUBJECTS: Jen Nickerson from The Business Centre & Rosalind Lockyer CEO of PARO will bring opening remarks and sharing PARO's research; Empower-F project funded by WAGE, which aims to identify the types of mental health challenges women entrepreneurs are experiencing, and focusing on supports and tools to empower and inspire change.

“The Importance of Breathing” is the theme by Colleen Williams, presenter with a Yogi from North Bay YMCA (an activity)

Financial Fitness for a Healthy You with Brenda Soucy of EuroClaire Inc.

Panel- Inspiring a Healthy You- Recommending Changes to Generate Positive Change Moderated by Melissa Cook, Program Manager, PARO managing Stress for a Healthy You Through Nutrition – Lise Ritter Personal Branding for a Healthy You – Alisha McKenzie, Alisha Audrey Visuals Setting Boundaries - Rewire with Sue Williams

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