Physician recruitment, Mental Health, Addictions Homelessness on Agenda

Physician recruitment, Mental Health, Addictions Homelessness on Agenda
City officials attending ROMA 

A delegation from the City of North Bay will be meeting with provincial officials in Toronto over the next two days as part of the annual Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) Annual Conference.

The conference is an opportunity for provincial and municipal leaders to come together and work collaboratively on issues impacting rural and small urban communities. North Bay’s delegation includes senior staff and several members of City Council.

Scheduled meetings include discussions with Ministry of Health officials, focusing on physician recruitment and addressing challenges related to mental health, addictions, and homelessness.

Additionally, the City delegation will meet with Ministry of Transportation officials to discuss connecting link infrastructure, and with Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks regarding enhanced coordination between the Endangered Species Act and the province's Planning Act.

With over 1,600 participants from as many as 300 municipalities and organizations across Ontario,

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