Redpath Makes Major Acquisition

Redpath Makes Major Acquisition
Redpath President George Flumerfelt

Redpath signs share purchase agreement to acquire RUC Mining Contractors

Redpath (Australia) Holdings Pty Ltd (Redpath), a wholly owned subsidiary of Redpath Mining Inc., has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire RUC Mining Contractors Pty Ltd (RUC).

Pending regulatory approvals, we expect the agreement to be completed and for RUC to officially become part of Redpath by June 2024.

Current projects will continue business as usual. Redpath and RUC are committed to ensuring there are no disruptions to operations throughout the agreement process and Safety – First, Last and Always – remains our number one priority as we work through the process.

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Who is RUC Mining Contractors Pty Ltd (RUC)?

Established in 1990, RUC is a leader and innovator in complex underground mining services, including shaft sinking and raise drilling, across Australia and around the world. RUC is committed to challenging and exceeding expectations through its commitments to safety, quality, the environment, project delivery and the employee experience.

RUC has offices in Perth and Kalgoorlie, and also operates out of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

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