North Bay Police Post Good Results

North Bay Police Post Good Results

Results of Spring Traffic Enforcement Initiative

 The North Bay Police Service partnered with the OPP to conduct a traffic enforcement campaign on Thursday April 25th.  While the focus of the initiative was on speeding and other unsafe driving practices, tickets were issued for a number of different offences throughout North Bay.

 Extra resources were deployed during the campaign, and as a result the following were issued:

 ·        58 Provincial Offence notices for infractions including; speeding, distracted driving (cell phone), fail to stop for emergency vehicles, improper muffler

·        6 Part III Summonses for Drive While Under Suspension

·        2 Criminal Code Charges for Impaired by Drug and possession of a Controlled Substance

 One vehicle was seized for stunt driving, 2 license plates were removed from trailers and two Commercial Motor Vehicles (large trucks) were towed and placed out of service due to equipment issues.

“The results of this one-day traffic initiative are disappointing” says North Bay Police Service Inspector of Operations, Jeff Warner. “Violations such as Stunt Driving, Speeding, Impaired Driving, Distracted Driving and Operating Unsafe Vehicles cause significant injuries and death across the province every year and are a problem in our own community.  Working with our policing partners in the OPP, we charged a number of people in our ongoing efforts to improve road safety.  With the warmer weather approaching and the end of the school year soon upon us, e-bikes, scooters and kids on bicycles will increasingly be on our roads.  I encourage everyone to slow down, drive appropriately, eliminate your distractions and arrive at your destination safely”

Information about frequent traffic violations or other traffic complaints can be sent to the North Bay Police Service by e-mail via or by calling the North Bay Police Service General line 705-497-5555 and press 5 to reach the Traffic Office.

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