Second Sandbag Station Opened

Second Sandbag Station Opened

The City of North Bay is now providing sand and sandbags to residents concerned about potential shoreline damage along Lake Nipissing at two designated locations.

In addition to the sandbag filling station established Sunday at Sunset Park, at the end of Sunset Boulevard, a second filling station has been opened today at Champlain Park, located at the end of Premier Road.

Both stations will operate daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until further notice, providing sand and sandbags at no cost to residents. Sandbags are intended for reinforcing breakwalls and serving as barriers to prevent water from reaching structures. Prefilled sandbags are available, and staff will be on hand to help with lifting and loading.

A Flood Warning issued by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority remains in effect for the Lake Nipissing shoreline within the City of North Bay and Municipality of Callander, as well as the Parks Creek watershed.

The Conservation Authority advises the public to exercise caution by keeping children and pets away from watercourses and shorelines. Residents and visitors, particularly those residing in low-lying areas, are urged to stay vigilant and monitor evolving conditions, taking necessary precautions during periods of heightened water flow

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