Sidewalk Replacement Downtown

Sidewalk Replacement Downtown

Work to replace sections of sidewalk on along Wyld and McIntyre streets is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 13.

On Wyld Street, sections of sidewalk between Oak and McIntyre streets will undergo replacement; and, on McIntyre Street, a section near Wyld at the rear of Cecil's Brewhouse and Kitchen will be replaced. Weather permitting, all work is expected to be completed by the end of day on Friday, May 17.

During construction, a portion of McIntyre Street near the work site will be reduced to a single lane of traffic. Additionally, the sidewalk on the west side of McIntyre Street, between Wyld Street and the Capital Center, will be closed.

While vehicular traffic on Wyld Street will remain unaffected, pedestrians are advised that the sidewalk on the north side of the street will be closed. An alternate pedestrian route will be marked, directing individuals to use the sidewalk on the south side of Wyld Street.

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