Split the Pot Lottery Exceeds $1,000,000

Split the Pot Lottery Exceeds $1,000,000

The North Bay Regional Healthcare Centre Benefits

Dedicated to supporting participating Ontario hospitals, Split the Pot Lottery continues to grow, with the Grand Prize jackpot surpassing the $500,000 guarantee that will be split among 13 lucky winners. 

Split the Pot Lottery is thrilled to announce the overwhelming support of its latest lottery program, which has experienced exceptional results in just three weeks since its launch. Supporting 51 Ontario hospitals, the lottery continues to remain top of mind to Ontarians, with ticket sales surpassing $1,000,000. Supporters have the ability to select their local hospital at the checkout, with the proceeds from their ticket purchase going to the chosen hospital partner. By selecting “All Participating Hospitals”, proceeds of these ticket sales are split among the 51 participating hospitals.  


To give players more chances to win, Split the Pot Lottery’s
jackpot will be divided among 13 grand prize winners, with the current jackpot
now OVER $500,000 and growing! In addition, there are still thousands of
dollars in early rewards to be shared among winners!  


Split the Pot Lottery has generated significant interest from
multiple communities, drawing support from both new and existing supporters who are committed to making a positive impact on health care across Ontario. These
funds play a direct role in supporting critical healthcare initiatives within
these communities.  


“We’re excited to see so many individuals and communities coming
together in this fun and innovative way to support our hospitals,” says Paul
McIntyre Royston, President & CEO, Grand River Hospital Foundation. “Thank
you to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone by playing Split the Pot
so far — your support is an investment in health care across the province and
will help patients access the technology and services they need to have the
best possible outcomes and experiences!” 

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