Split The Pot Lottery is back in Support of Hospitals

Split The Pot Lottery is back in Support of Hospitals

After a successful pilot campaign this fall, Split The Pot Lottery is back in support of hospitals (including North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation) across Ontario. This collaborative fundraising effort returns bigger and better than before. From February 8 to March 21, this lottery supports an additional 30 hospital partners and offers players 13 more chances to win early bird prizes. The number and breakdown of the grand prize draws remains the same.  

 Split the Pot Lottery gives players the chance to win big while
contributing to vital healthcare initiatives in their communities. With a total
of 51 hospital partners and a guaranteed minimum $500,000 jackpot, it also
presents the unique opportunity to participate in the largest partnered
fundraising initiative in Ontario. 


To give players more chances to win, the Split the Pot Lottery
jackpot will be divided among 13 grand prize winners, and there will be 26
chances to win a total of $76,000 in early bird prizes. And, of course, Ontario
patients win big too, with a portion of proceeds from every ticket purchased
going directly to support partnering hospitals through their foundations. 


Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting the Split
the Pot website: splitthepot.ca. All tickets purchased before midnight, Thursday, February 15 will be eligible for all 26 early bird prizes, plus the grand prize draws. 

  Learn all about Split the Pot Lottery, including ticket prices,
prizes, draws, important dates, and contest rules by going to splitthepot.ca.  

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