Spotless Samurai

Spotless Samurai

by Johanne Brousseau

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Let me introduce Renee Meyer and Kevin Poirier, owners of the Spotless Samurai, a cleaning business that opened in January 2019. Due to the provincial wide shut down, the business had to temporarily stop its operations. As parents of a child with a weak immune system, Renee and Kevin decided to leave the highly populated area of Hamilton and move north temporally, the family isolated in Port Loring.

                                                                                                                                                      Renee took advantage of the time off to expand her cleaning knowledge, she completed an online course with Proctor and Gamble on how to clean up after COVID outbreaks, she learned proper protocols for disinfection and sanitization. The course was an important step to allow the business to pivot, reopen, and continue offering their services to Airbnb's.

Impressed by the area and quality of life it offered, Renee and Kevin made the decision to permanently relocate up here.  Spotless Samurai reopened in September of 2020 and started to clean for area Airbnbs .


As a small business the Spotless Samurai participated in the Shop Here, Digital Main Street program, being new in the area the program helped them get the word out, get recognition and achieve the growth of the business they had been hoping for.


Being a Certified Cleaning service, they have been on-site cleaners for multiple movies filmed in North Bay and area and they continue to serve the film industry.  Spotless Samurai takes pride in using eco-friendly products and ensuring the highest quality of work, regardless of the project size. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional results.


During leisure time Renee enjoys yoga and Kevin has purchased a sled and is loving riding the local snowmobile trails. Renee is involved with the Canadian Cancer Society; she is passionate in raising awareness to better access to care in the area, especially for children. The family is looking forward to their first ice fishing outing this winter!

 The Spotless Samurai office is located at Port North Bay, 222 Main St E in North Bay. For more details about their services and eco-friendly products, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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