The Arena gets the Green Light

The Arena gets the Green Light

Target price is 60 million

The City of North Bay is pleased to announce that EllisDon Corporation has been selected as the design-builder for the new Community and Recreation Centre project.

City Council initiated the progressive design-build process Tuesday, approving the award of a contract to EllisDon in the amount of approximately $2.6 million for the provision of project development services.

"The approval of the contract with EllisDon marks an important step forward in realizing our vision for a modern, inclusive Community and Recreation Centre," said Coun. Lana Mitchell, Chair of Infrastructure and Operations.

This initial phase of the progressive design-build process is aimed at achieving early alignment on cost, schedule, and functional program, paving the way for Council to select a preferred design concept.

Once the preferred design concept has been selected, the process will involve further refinement, including generating cost estimates with value engineering options, prior to a public meeting to gather feedback to be used to help inform the actual form, size, character, and design details of the project.

Negotiations for a guaranteed maximum price will take place next, followed by the completion of design documents, including drawings and specifications. Once this stage is complete, a finalized design and price will be presented to Council for approval. The target for completion of construction is the end of December 2025.

“While a target price of approximately $60 million has been set for the project, Council's objective with the progressive Design-Build approach is to deliver a new Community and Recreation Centre at the most competitive price possible,” said Coun. Mitchell.

The new Community and Recreation Centre will be situated at the Steve Omischl Sports Field Complex on Lakeshore Drive. This new facility will maintain current recreational services within an upgraded and modernized setting, while providing an additional ice pad to augment the existing inventory.

"This new facility will not only enhance recreational opportunities but will also set a new standard for sustainability,” said Coun. Justine Mallah, Chair of Community Services. “I’m looking forward to seeing this project move ahead with a design that will work best for our community."

The project has secured approval for $25.78 million under the Government of Canada’s Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program and will meet the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Design Standard.

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