The Envelope Please. . .

The Envelope Please. . .

The Sports Hall of Fame Dinner goes Saturday, May 11, 2024

And the winners are:

Inductees: Dominique Bouchard, Ann-Renée Guillemette, Sue Knight, Gary Kraft, John Loyst, Brian Murray

Sports Award Winners for 2023:

Thomson Family Award for Contributions to Fastball, Softball, and Baseball – Lisa Hotte

Dedication to Soccer (North Bay Youth Soccer) – Marsha Bower

James Kelly Memorial Award for Team of the Year – Eigen Conejos & Ryan O’Donnell

Mort Fellman Memorial Award for Female Athlete of the Year – Annabelle Jackson

Britt Jessup Memorial Award for Male Athlete of the Year – Briir Long

Pete Palangio Award for Long-time Contribution to Sport – Marilyn Barlow

Peter Handley Friend of Sport – Buddy McLeod

Mike Mitchell/Larry Avery Award for Contribution to Football – Paul Butler



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