Thinking in a Minimal Way

Thinking in a Minimal Way
Anne (St. Louis ) Gingras

Column by Anne Gingras

 Last night, I came across an exciting show while browsing Netflix and decided to give it a try. The show is called "The Minimalists - Less is More" and something about it really struck a chord with me.

I have been thinking about it all morning and wondering if, like the people in the documentary, I have become too attached to material possessions. If that's the case, what should I do about it? It's clear that, like most people, I own a lot of stuff. Some of it is useful and necessary. I need pots and pans, and I sit on my furniture while wearing my favorite shirt. But do I really need five pans or fifteen pairs of jeans in my closet? Obviously not, yet I struggle to find space for my clean, folded laundry.

My clutter, while organized, has become a problem. It's not out of control yet, but I feel it when I walk down the hallway or leave the house in the morning. Too much stuff is beginning to drain my energy, and it's time to do something about it. So this week, I've decided to go through one small space each day. It may not seem like much, but it's a start.

The question I'll be asking myself when I hold a particular item is: Does this bring quality to my life? If not, it's time to let it go. I can throw it out, give it away, or recycle it - the choice is mine, as long as I don't hold on to it. I'm pretty excited to get started, but also a little nervous about it.

I'll let you know next week how it goes. I challenge you to try it too. Watch the hour-long documentary, take stock of what you use and need in your daily life, and decide to purge. Maybe we'll even run into each other at the local thrift store donation drive! Wishing you a great week filled with inner peace and organization through minimalism.



Anne (St. Louis ) Gingras is a neuro-diverse individual who is also a wife, mother, teacher, writer, author, blogger, composer, international public speaker, life coach, energy worker, intuitive coach, mentor and death doula who also enjoys spending time in her miniature worlds.  She is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Education (honoris causa) from Nipissing University in North Bay.

 Anne (St. Louis) Gingras est une personne qui célèbre sa neuro-différence.  Elle est entre autres une épouse, maman, enseignante, écrivaine, blogueuse, compositrice, conférencière internationale, coach de vie, travailleuse en énergie, coach intuitive, mentor et doula (accent sur la mort ), qui adore passer ses moments libres au sein de ses mondes miniatures.  Elle est récipiendaire d’un doctorat honorifique en éducation (honoris causa) de l’université Nipissing, de North Bay. 

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