To Un.Subscribe or Not – There Is No

To Un.Subscribe or Not – There Is No
Anne (St. Louis ) Gingras

Anne (St. Louis) Gingras

Before I begin, I wish everyone a year filled with moments that will make you smile and that you can cherish for years with your family and friends. I decided to unsubscribe from chain emails because I had a little extra time on my hands, and it’s become a yearly tradition to ‘let go’ of anything that doesn’t serve my best purpose. You know the kind: the ones sent to you because you typed in something on one of your devices while shopping for a lamp. The other ones that pop up because you’re trying to get healthy (and promise me to lose 50 pounds in one week), or even the ones that invite me to like a specific page to help a prince stuck somewhere in the world. What seemed easy was quite the challenge and downright quasi-impossible. After finding the actual ‘possibility’ to unsubscribe, I was made to answer questions such as `Did we do anything wrong?` or – are you sure you don’t want to stay just another day? We’ll miss you!

I’ll admit that I was more than once tempted to stay plugged into the daily influx of messages. Not only was it more accessible, but it seemed that perhaps all the companies messaging me knew my needs and could cater to them. All I had to do was subscribe and donate to all the worthy causes that caught my empathetic nature if I felt it in my heart. Ultimately, I decided that enough was enough – and that I would be brave. I took the plunge and did it:  I unsubscribed from about 20 sites. (I realize I may never receive an email again, so perhaps I could have kept a few. No, no, Anne. Be realistic!)  In the end, I feel better. My head feels uncluttered, and my inbox is now free and open for some ‘real’ mail. Feel free to message me and subscribe ( heh heh heh ), to any of my other blogs if you wish to connect with me. I’ll have time to read it – and to respond. Such is the beauty of un.subscriptions (my new word of the year).

Have a great week,


Anne (St. Louis) Gingras

Anne's column will be published weekly on Saturday mornings each week on Report North Bay.


Anne (St. Louis) Gingras is a neuro-diverse individual who is also a wife, mother, teacher, writer, author, blogger, composer, international public speaker, life coach, energy worker, intuitive coach, mentor and death doula who also enjoys spending time in her miniature worlds.  She is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Education (honoris causa) from Nipissing University in North Bay.


Anne (St. Louis) Gingras est une personne qui célèbre sa neuro-différence.  Elle est entre autres une épouse, maman, enseignante, écrivaine, blogueuse, compositrice, conférencière internationale, coach de vie, travailleuse en énergie, coach intuitive, mentor et doula (accent sur la mort), qui adore passer ses moments libres au sein de ses mondes miniatures.  Elle est récipiendaire d’un doctorat honorifique en éducation (honoris causa) de l’université Nipissing, de North Bay. 

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