Tourism North Bay Kiosk Launch

Tourism North Bay Kiosk Launch
New Kiosk installed at 4 locations in the City 

Tourism North Bay and their partners are happy to announce the launch of four new digital kiosks that are strategically placed at high traffic visitor locations around the city. These new interactive units provide users with an engaging way to find and learn about popular tourist locations and points
of interest in the downtown and waterfront areas.
The four kiosks are currently located at:
• Ontario Northland Bus Terminal and Jack Garland Airport (YYB) - two locations that
bring hundreds of visitors to the city daily.
• City Hall - a regular stop for visitors to find local information and community services, and
• Laurentian Ski Hill – a popular daily attraction in the winter months for visitors wanting to
hit the slopes.
All locations were selected to guarantee maximum engagement with a fifth location being confirmed and announced in early 2024.

‘This initiative was part of the Tourism Recovery Fund project announced earlier this year which
included website enhancements, new product development and marketing focusing specifically
on the Downtown and Waterfront district,
’ explained Tourism North Bay Executive Director, Tanya
‘Thanks to the project partners and funding support from FEDNOR, these new digital
kiosks will help to highlight popular tourist attractions and encourage the user to visit the city’s downtown core and waterfront area.

There are currently 15 points of interest highlighted as part of phase one with other key
destinations and programming features to be added by 2025. Each point of interest has a story and a dynamic 3D image that appears when selected, making the entire experience fun, engaging, educational and memorable for the user.
These sleek and branded kiosks were wrapped by See More Graphics with the interactive programming designed by Transform Interactive, who have a presence and connection to ICAMP.
This project was proudly supported by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern
Ontario (FEDNOR).

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