TV Mentalist Sensation Spidey at the Capitol Centre

TV Mentalist Sensation Spidey at the Capitol Centre

TV Mentalist and online sensation, Spidey, will be performing his Make Believe-Magic of your Mind show at The Capitol Centre on March 2nd.

Spidey is a Canadian online sensation with 150+ million views! He was named US Mentalist of the year and has performed on NBC’s TODAY ShowTMZ, and Rachael Ray! He joined the cast of CW’s Masters of Illusion and his NETFLIX Original Series: Brainchild is being watched in 170 countries. Spidey’s countless national/international TV appearances also include FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo with Steve HarveyDiscovery Channel, and Entertainment Tonight.

Spidey presents a mind-blowing and hilarious performance, MAKE BELIEVE, taking you on a magical journey that piques your every emotion.

He promises to bring his popular TV tricks to the Capitol Centre stage. Whether it’s playing a game of mind Pictionary or tapping into someone’s happiest memories and revealing impossible details, you will see and experience things you never thought possible! From the NYC Apollo Theater to Las Vegas’ Rio Casino, a family-friendly show brings mind-reading to levels never seen on performing arts stages, leaving audiences in awe, laughter, and ovation every time.

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