U15 AAA Trappers take pair of games over Timmins Majors

U15 AAA Trappers take pair of games over Timmins Majors
Two hard fought games at Powassan Sportsplex

U15 Trappers won 2 hard fought over the Timmins Majors at the Powassan Sportsplex In U15 AAA action this weekend.

In Game 1 Saturday afternoon, both teams came out fast and the game was looking it could go either way but in the end, the Trappers prevailed 5-2 with goals from 5 different players, Seth Verbiwski, Owen Smith, Nate Gervais, Cedar Montreuil and Aidan Duchesne. Khov Long chipped in with 2 assists and Owen Smith, Ronan Grant, Emerik Bray and Frank Popkie added 1 assist each. Timmins got goals from Jean-Paul Lariviere and Zachary Robinson. The lone assist came from Kaelen Saudino.

Game 2 was bit of a chippy affair but a good game nevertheless.

It didn’t take long for the Trappers to take a big lead and they never looked back as they cruised to a 6-1 win. Owen Smith paced the Trappers with 2 goals, Ronan Grant, Khov Long and Frank Popkie had a goal and assist each, Seth Verbiwski with a goal, Kobe Gravelle and Emerik Bray with 2 assists, Miguel Brunette and Cedar Montreuil with 1 assist each.

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