Over 100 NOJHL alumni played NCAA D-III in 2023-24

Over 100 NOJHL alumni played NCAA D-III in 2023-24

A look at the numbers saw well over 100 Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League alumni attend school and compete with multiple NCAA Division III men’s hockey programs during the course of the 2023-24 season.

In all, 122 former NOJHL skaters and goaltenders appeared with various NCAA D-III schools during the recently completed campaign.

Every organization, or previous franchise in the league, had at least one of their former players competing in the U.S. collegiate ranks, with over half of the league’s current clubs sporting double digits in terms of alumni in NCAA D-III.

“With the ever-growing list of NOJHL alumni currently competing collegiately, professionally, as well as at higher levels of junior hockey, it shows that our players continue to draw interest from schools and clubs across North America,” said NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca.

“Credit goes to our current and past crop of players, who have dedicated themselves to furthering their careers once their time in our league has drawn to a close,” added Mazzuca.

The commissioner went on to add: “The extended commitment numbers, not only with our players, but coaches and officials, continues to show that the NOJHL, and our member teams, are doing a tremendous job in recruiting and developing in the process of further advancement along the hockey trail, of those in our league.”

Click the following link to view the list of NOJHL alumni who play NCAA Division III hockey in 2023-24:


Below is the link listing the 700 CJHL alumni who saw action in the NCAA D-III ranks this past season:


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