Victim Services Receives $128,000

Victim Services Receives $128,000

MPP Vic Fedeli is pleased to announce that the Ontario government is investing over $1.4 million in communities across the province to help support young victims, witnesses and survivors of gun and gang violence, including human trafficking, and their families. The funding, through the Grant to Support Child Victims of Gun and Gang Violence, includes $128,000 for Victim Services of Nipissing District.


“Community organizations do a great deal of work helping young victims of crime when and where they need it most,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “This investment is part of the government’s ongoing work to support victims of crime, and increase awareness of human trafficking, gun and gang violence.”


“On behalf of the Child and Youth Advocacy Centre we are pleased with the recent grant from the Ministry of the Attorney General in assisting us in supporting child and youth victims of human trafficking, gun and gang violence. The province recognizing the important role CYAC’s play in our communities in supporting the most vulnerable of victims is imperative to the success of programs like ours helping children and their families heal after a traumatic event,” said Kathleen Jodouin, Executive Director, Victim Services of Nipissing District.


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