We Score Well on the Report Card

We Score Well on the Report Card

North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) have released a Watershed Report Card (WRC) for 2023. The Watershed Report Card provides an overview of water quality, forest conditions and wetland cover. Overall the region scored well.

The NBMCA monitors conditions, collects and analyses data and reports on the results in the Watershed Report Card every 5 years (2013, 2018, 2023).

The purpose of the Watershed Report Card is to report on the health of watersheds through the use of key environmental indicators. They are a management and evaluation tool, which:

  • benchmark conditions
  • measure environmental change
  • identify issues
  • inform decision makers

Watershed report cards are a successful way to deliver a vast amount of technical information in a readily understandable and interesting way. To view Watershed Reports Cards issued by conservation authorities across the province, visit https://watershedcheckup.ca/

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