We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

14 Individuals lost everything in the Main Street Fire

Lou Dawgs is having a night to support the individuals that lost everything in the downtown fire on March 26th. It is billed as an Evening of Local Music for the Tenants Tragically Displaced by the Fire.

“To those affected by the fire.” stated Geoff Richardson “We can't imagine what it's like to go through an awful event like that. We've got your back.”

There were 14 individuals impacted by the downtown fire. A mom with 3 daughters, a couple expecting their first child in 3 months and 9 individuals displaced could use your help.

Port North Bay opened an account (thank you to the Caisse Alliance for waiving all fees) where 100% of funds donated go to the tenants. You can e mail transfer any donation amount (every little amount helps) to info@portnorthbay.ca

Former Mayor Al McDonald, Councilor Tanya Vrebosch were amongst the hundreds that attended Cecil's pasta dinner in support of the fire victims.

The Cecil’s and Grande family want to thank the hundreds of people who donated their hard-earned money to help the apartment residents who were victims of last months Main Street fire.

The pasta fundraising dinner was a sell out, additionally numerous individuals, businesses and groups dropped off cash donations. Combined we raised a total of $5,316.35. If you have not had an opportunity and would like to donate you can do so by sending an e-transfer to info@portnorthbay.ca

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